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The Steadfast Way

Transportation Services

With Steadfast Transcontinent Inc., we know how to get your goods from point A to point B in a safe and efficient manner. We appreciate and support our drivers as well as all truck drivers of America, and we know the value and importance of our job in keeping our great nation going. Committed to excellence, we do our part to make timely deliveries you can rely on. Specializing in temp-controlled and dry van services, we're on the road so you don't have to be. Our fleet and equipment is second to none and we're proud of our team of drivers that are instrumental to our success. Take a moment to explore our services below. For more details, call us today at (573) 737-2201.


One of our specialty services includes the transportation of temperature-controlled goods. We monitor all temperatures and operate on a time-sensitive schedule to ensure the stability of all fresh goods that we deliver to various locations.

Dry Van

Our dry van trucking services guarantee protection of all packaged goods. We drive with our customer's in mind, ensuring the safety of even the most fragile items like electronics and glassware.


You can know exactly where your shipment is in real time anytime. Satellite tracking is always included with every shipment.

Multi-drop Services

With Steadfast Transcontinent Inc., you can rely on us for multi-drop transportation services that will keep your shipments on time. We operate on an efficient schedule to keep all drop-offs coordinated properly.


Steadfast Transcontinent Inc. is there for all your most time-sensitive deliveries. We offer expedited transportation for clients in need of quick turn-around times.

Short Haul

We are always available for local, short haul and dedicated lanes.

Drop Trailers

We can provide drop trailers at the shipper or consignee if needed.

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