Steadfast Transcontinent Inc.
14686 State Hwy 164 Hornersville, Missouri 63855
(573) 737-2201

about Us

Steadfast Transcontinent, Inc. was started in 1988 by Ricky and Winna Bibbs. Steadfast to reflect Strength, Dependability, and Integrity. Transcontinent because we specialized in hauling produce from the west coast of the US across the continent to Toronto and Montreal, Canada. We are a full truckload carrier and our heaviest lanes now are generally within a 1,000-mile radius with the heaviest concentration on the midwest and the southeastern US. We pride ourselves in late model equipment, on-time delivery, and state of the art electronics for tracking and temperature monitoring. If you have freight either inbound or outbound within a 100-mile radius of Hornersville, MO, you can always depend on Steadfast to deliver your shipments safely and on time every time.

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